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Windows 10 AIO 12-in-1 Build 14393.693 January 2017

Windows 10 AIO 12-in-1 Build 14393.693 January 2017
Windows 10 AIO 12-in-1 Build 14393.693 January 2017
OS and system related | Original Install File | (x86/x64) | 7.64 GB
Languages: English | Software Version:v1607 Build 14393.693

No Windows 10 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added to Windows.
No Unattended Settings were added to the installation.
No Registry Settings were modified.

Sources : From Microsoft MSDN Untouched Version 1607 (Updated January 2017) - DVD (English)

64-bit Microsoft Sources:
en_windows_10_enterprise_version_1607_updated_jan_ 2017_x64_dvd_9714415.iso
en_windows_10_enterprise_n_version_1607_updated_ja n_2017_x64_dvd_9718069.iso
en_windows_10_multiple_editions_version_1607_updat ed_jan_2017_x64_dvd_9714399.iso
en_windows_10_n_multiple_editions_version_1607_upd ated_jan_2017_x64_dvd_9714419.iso

32-bit Microsoft Sources:
en_windows_10_enterprise_version_1607_updated_jan_ 2017_x86_dvd_9719039.iso
en_windows_10_enterprise_n_version_1607_updated_ja n_2017_x86_dvd_9718832.iso
en_windows_10_multiple_editions_version_1607_updat ed_jan_2017_x86_dvd_9714393.iso
en_windows_10_n_multiple_editions_version_1607_upd ated_jan_2017_x86_dvd_9714416.iso

Installation Indexes :
Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 Home N
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro N
Windows 10 Enterprise
Windows 10 Enterprise N

Dual Release File: Win10_14393.693_x32_x64_12in1_en-US_murphy78.iso
Size: 7.63 GB
SHA-1: 81572FA8FBB68E91F5F66E89991701C5AA1CD578

x86 (32-bit-only version): Win10_14393.693_x32_6in1_en-US_murphy78.iso*
Size: 3.33 GB
SHA-1: 4236900D8B112802C494E6F9C43962D0C38E60E9

x64 (64-bit-only version): Win10_14393.693_x64_6in1_en-US_murphy78.iso*
Size: 4.33 GB
SHA-1: C460CBA40D14C33B3FDD94D4C3BB483179732FF5

*Run the associated exe delta patch to create this iso.

Tools used:
MS DaRT 10
diskpart script v1.2.8 (*shift-f10* during boot setup, then "menu")
oscdimg for ISO mastering
dism for ESD recovery compression/integration

DISM /add-package and /resetbase (Indexes, boot.wim and winre.wim):

DISM /add-package and /resetbase (Indexes only):

Updated Setup files from KB3213986 added to Sources directories.

-DualBoot setup with UEFI/Fat32 support I can only test UEFI x64 as I only have x64 processor, but ia32 should work for certain UEFI devices with only 32-bit processors
-Netfx3 added before rollup integration because the rollup has net3 upgraded components and would require re-application
-DiskPart v1.2.8 script with ESD support, multi-version setup, fast setup (fewer keys but default settings) To run my diskpart script, boot into usb or dvd setup, then press shift-f10 to bring up console and type "menu" The script will then ask if you wish to use it, etc.
-Scripts folder for disabling auto-updates, driver updates, telemetry, app telemetry, enabling netfx3, reboot to winre, etc.
-DaRT 10 added to Boot and Winre This has options to reset passwords, edit registry, remove updates, scan system files, get a remote desktop connection, etc.

-Use a USB program such as RUFUS to put this on a USB Flash drive for boot installs.
-For upgrade, you can simply mount the iso. I would recommend using a USB/DVD tho, in case your system gets borked during upgrade process.
-Also, Uninstall any AV programs or specialized driver programs like VM or VPN software before upgrading. They will likely interfere with the process.

-All of the enterprise and VL versions have a spp package to set the gVLK automatically.
-I recommend inserting the gVLK during setup if you plan to install an Pro w VL/Enterprise SKU. It will change the channel to Volume. It's not required, but it will give you a bogus Retail channel EULA if you don't.
-Alternatively you can run the diskpart script and it will use the default channel after HAL detection phase. (Setup does this early because of need to display EULA before install)

-This will almost certainly be the last 14393 AIO-type integration
-I don't recommend using my win10 releases for non-en-US languages as you'll have to re-download the language files/updates post-change





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