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ExeOne System Navigator 2014 5.02.001 Final

ExeOne System Navigator 2014 5.02.001 Final

Exeone System Navigator - мощный и универсальный файловый менеджер для Windows. Фантастическое количесто опций позволяет создавать несколько типов файлов, удалять файлы, копировать их с помощью буфера обмена, перемещать их между папками и разделами на компьютере, переименовывать файлы, распечатывать отдельные документы, создавать списки файлов, сравнить каталоги, их свойства, создавать файлы, сжимать нужные файлы с помощью популярных форматов архивации (ZIP, RAR, 7Z и многих других), разбивать большие файлы, размещать и объединять их, прожигать и т.д. Этот список функций действительно очень большой, и все эти действия доступны для вас в течение нескольких секунд. Удобный двойной интерфейс панели мгновенно покажет вам нужные файлы. Не нужно терять время на скучную работу, пытаясь навести порядок в файловом бардаке, система Навигатор сделает практически всю работу за вас.

The simple idea that System Navigator was at the beginning - the idea of a perfected file manager, then later developed to a full-on, complex and yet user friendly feature of managing files easier than ever. System Navigator is, above all, a very powerful file manager, that scores high on being user friendly, but also neutralizing all the drawbacks that software like this can carry. With this feature it is easier than ever to keep your computer's file system nice and tidy, which will improve the overall performance of your computer, and make your life much easier.

System Navigator provides you with one of the most powerful file managing systems on the market. Fantastic number of options enables you to create multiple file types, delete files, copy them using clipboard, move them between folders and partitions on your PC, rename files, print out selected documents, create lists of favorite file locations, compare directories by their properties, mount disk image files so they can be browsed or burned via System Navigator embedded file burning feature; extract file archives, or create them by compressing desired files using popular archiving formats (ZIP, RAR, 7Z and many more), split large files so they can fit on the media you can obtain, and merge them later on... The list is truly endless, and all of those actions are available to you in a matter of seconds. User friendly dual panel interface will instantly provide your files listed in a way that suits you the best.

We also make it possible for you to perform general, or advanced, in depth file search with multiple criteria, which you can define easily through the sleek, appealing to the eye, and above all, logical multi-tabbed control system. Turn yourself into a file managing guru. No need to lose any time on that boring work of trying to put some order into a file mess that modern computers have become. System Navigator practically does the work for you. Turn the versatility of System Navigator into your strength.

We are determined to go in step with the modern times. That's why we embedded a feature that we feel is a must have in today’s software. Yes, we bring a feature rich social networking interaction system. Sharing your photos via Facebook or Flickr is done from within System Navigator in just a few clicks. Select desired Photos or albums, and simply hit "Share" from the toolbar. You can also visit our FB page, to keep in touch with latest System Navigator updates, news, or simply to tell us how awesome System Navigator is.

General idea of System Navigator is to build one application that contains all file and system utilities that both beginner and expert user needs in everyday work. Program has evolved over the years and not only has it managed to support all the needs that user had but to polish those utilities so that each utility become better program that most of standalone apps available on the market. We listened to our valuable customers, listened their needs and produced high quality software with many powerful tools. Stabile and bulletproof.

File sharing over email, file transfer protocols (FTP) or social networks are build-in System Navigator on only few clicks. Share files or folders over emails, upload images or media to popular social networks which is now easier than ever. No need to attach files, all you need to do is to click Share and to choose sharing method and receiver. There were lots of improvements inside commonly used features in order to maximize efficiency of program usability, to cut the time necessary for certain operations and to generally make overall program more intuitive for users. We listening users needs, made interviews about things someone might like to have and finally produced excellent connectivity between program parts and as final results we have platform that has all features ideally packed in one serious application.

System Navigator comes with a powerful archiving tool. This means you can easily organize and compress selected files and directories, so the demand for space is cut down to the minimum. You can choose among the most popular archiving formats (7Z, Zip, Rar, Tar, Cab and many more), and also to determine the degree of compression: would you like it to be compressed to the maximum, or you just want to quickly prepare an attachment to send out to your friend or colleagues. Encryption options are present, of course, in case you need that "little extra" security. Also, imagine you have one massive file, in size of several gigabytes, and only CD's available for data carrying. This is where another useful function of System Navigator comes in handy file splitting; with this your files can be easily fitted to desired memory media. No need to say, using System Navigator you can merge split file on the remote location.

ExeOne System Navigator 2014 5.02.001 Final ExeOne System Navigator 2014 5.02.001 Final ExeOne System Navigator 2014 5.02.001 Final ExeOne System Navigator 2014 5.02.001 Final

Дата: Sep 19th, 2014
Платформа: Windows © XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, 7, 8
Интерфейс: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Turkish
Лекарство: Keygen-SND
Размер: 11.71 Mb

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