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FunctionBay RecurDyn V8R5

FunctionBay RecurDyn V8R5
FunctionBay RecurDyn V8R5 | 3.0 Gb

FunctionBay announced the availability of its popular RecurDyn Multi Flexible Body Simulation system, RecurDyn Version V8R5, is a modern CAE software suite which offers the unique combination of Multibody Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis and Controls.

The RecurDyn technology has superior calculation efficiency because it is based on a recursive formulation. The core is Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics (MFBD) that combines a multibody dynamics solver and a nonlinear finite element method solver at the integrator level. RecurDyn supports other multidisciplinary CAE technologies such as control system modeling and nonlinear system-level optimization. RecurDyn provides the efficiency gains of process automation through a wide variety of application toolkits. Users can create their own custom applications using the bundled ProcessNet environment.

RecurDyn provides a unique MFBD analysis capability that combines MBD with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods in order to simulate moving assemblies of rigid and flexible bodies. The user can determine the detailed dynamic stress and stain within the context of a system-level analysis, including the time-varying inertial forces.

There are two types of flexible bodies that are supported with MFBD. The first type of flexible body (RFlex) is a simplified representation that is based on modal data generated by external FEA software. FFlex flexible bodies are based upon an FE mesh, where all nodal DOFs are retained.

New and robust functionalities have been made to RecurDyn V8R5, here's a sneak peek at What's New V8R5:

UI Convenience
New functionalities have been made to UI Convenience for user-friendly environment.Many new features have been added to the Relation Map. The Relation Map can now be displayed by pressing the 'Q' key on the keyboard. The improvements to the Relation Map allow it to be navigated more efficiently and allow specific Entities to be found more easily. When the body that is being cut is a Flexible Body, then the nodes, patches, and elements that are exposed by the cut can now also be selected. Visualization improvement on Measure Tool and Mass center allows to create more precise models for better results.
Pitch Contact with Helix Surface
It is now possible to make a Helix Surface. The Helix Surface is created using an Arc Revolution Surface, and then adding Helix Surface parameters to it afterward. Helix Surfaces can be used with Sphere to Arc Revolution Contact elements in the Primitive3D contact group. Helix Surfaces should allow for improved contact performance in cases that involve ball bearings making contact with the walls of a helical channel, as with a screw guide. Helix surfaces should provide smoother, more accurate results and higher computational speed for these cases.

More info: HERE

About FunctionBay, Inc.

FunctionBay, Inc. provides software and services in the area of multibody dynamic simulation to help engineers achieve better designs. Information derived from simulation (or virtual prototyping) is particularly valuable because:
- It can be obtained before physical prototypes are built,
- It can be measured at locations that are not readily instrumented,
- Outputs from a series of design studies can be produced quickly and efficiently.
FunctionBay, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. In 2004 the milestone of having over 100 corporate customers was achieved. FunctionBay developers include many engineers with advanced degrees.

Product: FunctionBay RecurDyn
Version: V8R5
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC / Linux (for Linux64 only provide developers solver without a GUI)
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10
Size: 3.0 Gb







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FunctionBay RecurDyn V8R5
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