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Veeam ONE x64

Veeam ONE x64
Veeam ONE x64 | 992 MB

Veeam® ONE ™ - effective solution for monitoring, creating reports in a VMware environment and resource planning, Hyper-V and infrastructure Veeam Backup & Replication. Veeam ONE provides the realization of the concept of Availability for the Always-On Enterprise ™, helps monitor the state of the IT infrastructure and diagnose problems before they interfere with the user.

Year / Release Date: 2016
Version: (
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present
System requirements:
CPU: modern x64 processor (minimum 4 cores). Using faster multi-core processors improves data processing performance.
Memory: 8GB RAM (minimum), 16GB RAM (recommended). Using faster memory (DDR3) and remote SQL Server improves data processing performance.
Only 64-bit versions of the following operating systems are supported:
• Microsoft Windows Server 2016
• Microsoft Windows 10
• Microsoft Windows 8.1
• Microsoft Windows 8
• Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
• Microsoft Windows Server 2012
• Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
• Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 SP1
• Microsoft Windows 2008 SP2
• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (included in the setup)
• Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package (included in the setup)
• Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 or later
• Microsoft PowerShell 2.0
• Microsoft PowerShell 3.0 (required for SCVMM 2012 R2 Admin UI or later)
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later, Microsoft Edge 25 or later, Mozilla Firefox 42 or later, Google Chrome 54 or later
• Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 or 2016
• Microsoft Office 365
• Microsoft Visio 2010, 2013, 2016
• PDF viewer for viewing reports
• System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2016 Admin UI (optional, to be able to register SCVMM 2016 servers with Veeam ONE infrastructure)
• System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 Admin UI (optional, to be able to register SCVMM 2012 servers with Veeam ONE infrastructure)
• System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 Admin UI (optional, to be able to register SCVMM 2008 servers with Veeam ONE infrastructure)
• Microsoft SQL Server 2016
• Microsoft SQL Server 2014
• Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP3 Express Edition is included in the setup)
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008
• Windows Management Instrumentation service must be enabled (to be able to register Veeam Backup & Replication servers with Veeam ONE infrastructure)

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Veeam ONE 9503254 x64
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