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PCStitch 11.00.12

PCStitch 11.00.12
PCStitch 11.00.12 | 281.5 mb

Bonus: (Portable) version
M&R Technologies. announced the latest version of PCStitch, is a cross-stitch application intended for Professional designers, stitchers and anyone who would like to extend his crafting creativity. This new version is packed with new features and enhancements.

The most powerful feature of this application is its ability to convert image into a pattern. For that, you only need to select the image and it does the rest. The output image will be sized as you like it and the colors will be mapped according to the available colors. It also lets you choose the number of colors and the type of floss to use. There is another possibility which is to scan a photo. With this application, the creation of stitched fonts is a child's play. It is up to you to determine what kind of letters you are going to use detailed or simple letters. The export capabilities are improved in this latest version and provide you with what you need to integrate your designs into other applications. It includes a library for your collections of cross-stitch.

New Enhancements in version 11:

- Upgraded to Work With the Latest Versions of Windows
All of the components of PCStitch 11 have been upgraded to work with all of the newer versions of Windows, including Windows 10!
- New and Updated Floss Lists
PCStitch 11 includes floss lists from all of today's most popular manufacturers! Floss lists are available from DMC, Anchor, Week's Dye Works, Crescent Colours, Threadworx, Caron, Kreinik, and many more.
- Variegated Floss Representation
With the multitude of new flosses available, many contain variegated flosses with lots of color variations. PCStitch 11 now has a new display for variegated flosses to give you a better idea how they will look in your designs!
- New Ribbon Bar Interface
PCStitch 11 has a new ribbon bar interface that makes finding and using the PCStitch tools easier and more intuitive! Anyone familiar with this modern style interface can pick up using PCStitch in a flash.
- Improved Automatic Symbol Selection
When you create new patterns by importing or adding colors to your own palette, the symbols chosen are selected based on relative brightness to the colors. When you view the pattern in symbols or look at the printout, you can easily see how the symbols are going to relate to the finished project, which makes stitching it much easier!
- View Stitch Counts Right in the Palette Window
You no longer need to bring up a separate window to see the stitch counts. When you move your mouse over a color in the palette window, you can see how many stitches are of that color in the status bar at the bottom of the screen!
- Much, Much More!
We have made dozens of enhancements and fixes that will make designing your patterns easier and more enjoyable!

About M&R Technologies.

Founded in 1989, M&R Technologies Inc. is a small organization in the computer and software stores industry located in Moraine, OH. It has 7 full time employees and generates $995,182 in annual revenue.

Product: PCStitch
Version: 11.00.12 with (Portable)
Supported Architectures: 32bit
Language: english, russian
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10
Size: 281.5 mb

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