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Porsche PET PIWIS 7.3 PLUS Update 410+ Base 8832

Porsche PET PIWIS 7.3 PLUS Update 410+ Base 8832
Porsche PET PIWIS 7.3 PLUS Update 410+ Base 8832 | 946 MB

The original spare parts catalog for the Porsche cars.
Updates the price data manually.

Version set to break through the penguins online through a service that allows you to punch 3 of wine per day besplatno.Dlya do this, create an account, download of SOFT section below pet73app.zip archive and unpack in the folder c: \ PET \ PROG \ with the replacement files.

Who's supposed to punch more than 3 Penguins on the day can pay a subscription.
Compression of the order of 50% therefore distribute in a self-extracting SFX archives.
On x64 put.
For working cartoon x64 and x32 thank
Distributing updated!
Now version became PET 7.3 Plus
New in this version

As part of the renovation PET 397 in addition to regular data updates and will update the software to version PET 7.3 Plus. In this version we have introduced some new features and capabilities implemented based on feedback from our colleagues from different markets.
As part of the renovation PET 397 PET were uploaded photos about 2000 parts of the range Porsche Classic, as well as about 1,200 photos of standard parts (such as screws, nuts). For some components more photos uploaded.

The number of pictures available in PET, will steadily increase over time.
In the spring of 2015, vehicle information displayed in the PET when you enter the chassis number, for four additional fields included: additional applications, domestic equipment code, color code and the number of rugs seat combination. Now the vehicle information has been supplemented by several other fields. In the version of PET 7.3 Plus will also display the car release date, body color, as well as public information campaigns

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At the time of the release version has been changed to 7.3 PLUS, which has changed the file format and wine respectively. online services and the penetration of penguins from the disk until rabotayut.Dlya penetration of penguins in the old format, copy the replacement GetMod.dll file from PET Porsche 7.3 PLUS \ DLL \ PET 396 \ in the c: \ PET \ PROG \
In the folder PET Porsche 7.3 PLUS \ DLL \ PET PLUS 397 \ library in the new format.

New format
Old format
Extras. information:
Break VIN codes online
3 of wine per day for free!
Thank you very much for this opportunity mars2!
How to upgrade:

You download the update files withwhere XXX is the number of renovation, copy the files in the c: \ PET \ DATA \ PO \ Update \ PET and start upgrading ignoring errors and warnings by simply clicking on OK.
The new price for Russian download from

Help in English
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History update distribution
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25.04 Installs 285 + update fixes bugs identified in an attempt to upgrade 7.2 and 7.3 of the annoying window.
09.05 Installs 291 update.
08.07 Installs 295 update.
22.07 Installs 297 update, now she has guilt over the internet.
18.08 Installs 298 update fixed a bug with the inability to upgrade.
29.09 Installs 302 + last price update for Germany.
15.11 Installs 305 + last price update for Germany.
09.04 Installs 315 + last price update for Germany hardlok x64 +
09.09 Installs 326 + last update price in Germany
14.01 Installs 334 + last price update for Germany, HASP + updated instructions for x64
03.06 Installs 344 + last update price in Germany
21.02 Installs 361 + last price update for Russia
11.09 Installs 376 + last price update for Russia, as revised and optimized for x64 instructions by analogy with Etkoy + added last cartoon from

17/01/2016 Update Installs 384 + last price for Russia, once again optimized and revised instructions for x64 and for x32, by analogy with Etkoy + added INI files for drives C, D, E and F

Year / Release Date: 2017
Version: 7.3 PLUS
Developer: LexCom Informationssysteme GmbH
Developer website:

Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: Present

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Porsche PET PIWIS 73 PLUS Update 410+ Base 8832
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