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BluffTitler Ultimate (Win)

BluffTitler Ultimate (Win)
[b]BluffTitler Ultimate (Win)[/b

BluffTitler - editing software to create beautiful and unusual 3D text effects, animations, which can be used for video editing. The program supports a large number of different types of layers: a camera, light, text, picture, video, plasma, particle and audio, etc. The layers may be bonded to each other to create special effects.
• VJ dialog
• Updated translations: French, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic and Kreyol
• Effect thumbnails of online shows are now downloaded
• Support for SSL (https)
• Polygon budget increased
• 3 new properties in the particle layer: Time dilation, Launch normal and Launch normal tolerance
• SETTINGS > Render coordinate system is now reset after restart
• The Filters/Distortion effect now has properties to animate the red, green and blue channels individually
• Bugfix: Text/JumpForJoy effect fixed
• Bugfix: Text/MarqueeLights effects fixed
• Bugfix: positions and sizes of windows are now remembered
• Bugfix: GUI scrollbars now scroll smoothly

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