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Mailplane 3.6.9 (MacOSX)

Mailplane 3.6.9 (MacOSX)

Mailplane 3.6.9 (MacOSX) | 29 MB

Mailplane combines Gmail's fast search, spam protection, endless storage and unique user interface with great Mac features. And there is no need to set-up and learn another email application if you already know and love Gmail.

Switch between accounts instantly. No need to sign-out and sign-in.

Google Calendar is a perfect match for Gmail. Mailplane combines them in one app.
No separate calendar set-up required and accepting an invitation intuitively switches to the correct calendar tab.

Mailplane's notifier tells you how many unread messages are in your inboxes, right from your Mac menu bar.
Mailplane also integrates with Apple's notification center and the 'Do Not Disturb' mode allows you to stay focused.

Enhance Gmail
- Hides ads and comes with an amazing set of productivity tools.
- Remind of emails later and send scheduled emails
- Get a full "social snapshot" into the person you're talking to
- Send a text message when someone important writes you
- Keep track of deals and manage customer information

Mailplane is a native Mac OSX application and integrates naturally into Mac OSX.
Apple Mail like keyboard shortcuts, acting as default Mail Client, Mail PDF from Print Dialog, OSX Services and much more.

Resizes images and zips directories automatically. No need to start another app.
No need to download. Preview and edit attachments directly in Mailplane.

Social animal
Sign PDF attachments with PDFPen, save emails directly to Evernote, download images directly to iPhoto, and much much more.
Mailplane has also an AppleScript interface to automate some of your daily workflows.

DEVONthink Pro Integration:
DEVONthink Pro is the one store for all your documents. Mailplane integrates it similarly to Evernote. Install DEVONthink Pro, open a message in Mailplane and perform `Edit > Save to DEVONthink`.

Receipts Integration:
Receipts is the perfect companion to Mailplane if you receive a lot of invoices via email. It makes it easy to collect and classify them. Install Receipts, open a message in Mailplane and perform `Edit > Save to Receipts`.

Fixes and Improvements:
Fixed crash when pasting something from Excel into search field.
Fixed crash when opening Microsoft Office attachments (e.g. PowerPoint).
Fix: Downloads attachments in Streak box view instead of opening an empty window.
Updated WebKit to the same as Safari 10.0.2 is using.
Fixed issues with calendar event notifications.
'Show Original' in Google Inbox doesn't open in Gmail tab anymore.

Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor OS X 10.10 or later

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