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Cf x Photo Mosaic 2.0.9 (MacOSX)

Cf x Photo Mosaic 2.0.9 (MacOSX)

Cf/x Photo Mosaic 2.0.9 (MacOSX) | 38.17 MB

The image-of-images mosaic generator. Looking for a way to create the perfect image for anniversaries, mother's day, birthdays, team events, invitations, weddings - or simply to say 'thanks'? You just found it. Or perhaps you want to mesmerize your friends with a photo mosaic that is slowly assembling itself? Look no further.

photo mosaic is a highly specialized app to create high quality image-from-images type mosaics. It doesn't do anything else, but this one thing it does better than any other application available (and, yes, that even includes our own flagship 'alpha'). In addition to being blindingly fast, photo mosaic comes with special presets that help you create great photo mosaics even out of borderline images.

photo mosaic is incredibly easy to use: drop in a picture, choose a tile source (e.g. an iPhoto event), press 'Go'. A few seconds later you have a beautiful photo mosaic. photo mosaic is fully customizable - from the way tiles are processed to the way that colors are matched. As its sister application 'cf/x mosaic', 'cf/x photo mosaic' supports variably-sized tiles, 'messy' assembly, up to 40'000 individual tiles, and high-quality output (up to 30 x 30 inch at 300dpi).

And if you want to show off how the mosaic is assembled, just tell photo mosaic to create a movie - it does the rest. DV, HD, iPhone, iPad - just one click. Quality? Broadcast. Yeah, that good. For advanced mosaic creators, photo mosaic provides highly advanced visual image analysis packages that helps you to tweak and perfect your source data base - and can even recommend the preset that will work best. photo mosaic exports to most common image formats, mail, Apple's Preview App, Aperture, iPhoto, social web sites, and even can directly set your desktop picture to your newest creation.

Key Features:
- Itʼs Fast (less than 4 seconds for a 1ʼ600 tile mosaic, 50 for a 20ʼ000 tile mosaic).
- Intuitive interface that invites you to experiment
- Fully integrated crop and aspect ratio management - no need to pre-crop an image
- Supports differently sized tiles
- Supports ʻmessyʼ assembly that gives the mosaic a more organic look
- Export in different qualities
- Export directly to iPhoto, Aperture, eMail, Desktop Wallpaper, Preview.app
- Direct upload to social web sites
- Analysis tool to check the colors used in a master image and compare it with a provided tile database
- Create a mesmerizing movie that show how the mosaic is built - in broadcast quality, no less!

What's New in Version 2.0.9:- Fix for Sandbox bug that disallowed saving a movie
- Updated interface imagery for 'Go' button
System Requirements:
- Macintosh (Intel, 64 bit)
- 2 GB RAM
- OSX 10.7 and higher.

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