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Comsol Multiphysics 5.2a Update3 (win/linux)

Comsol Multiphysics 5.2a Update3 (win/linux)

Comsol Multiphysics 5.2a Update3 (win/linux) | 3.8 Gb

COMSOL, the leading provider of multiphysics modeling and simulation software, has released update3 for version 5.2a of COMSOL Multiphysics software, is a general-purpose software platform, based on advanced numerical methods, for modeling and simulating physics-based problems. COMSOL software version 5.2a update 3 contains performance and stability improvements to COMSOL Multiphysics, COMSOL Server, and COMSOL Client.

This software update is cumulative in that it applies to version 5.2a (, version 5.2a update 1 (, or version 5.2a update 2 (

COMSOL Software Version 5.2a Update 2
COMSOL software version 5.2a update 2 contained a small set of new features, which are included in the COMSOL software version 5.2a update 3. As of update 2, the new Rotordynamics Module is available as an optional add-on to the Structural Mechanics Module.
COMSOL Software Version 5.2a Update 1
COMSOL software version 5.2a update 1 contained performance and stability improvements to COMSOL Multiphysics, COMSOL Server, and COMSOL Client.

Stability Improvements in COMSOL Version 5.2a Update 3

All COMSOL software products undergo stability improvements that are introduced as updates. The following list contains the most important improvements in COMSOL version 5.2a update 3, which were not part of a previous update.
CFD Module
- An issue has been corrected that previously would prevent models containing the Multiphase Flow, Level-Set multiphysics feature created in version 5.2 from opening in version 5.2a.
- In the Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) interface, incorrect references to the variable G0 have been corrected to refer to G0_fluid instead. This eliminates problems with unknown variable errors when solving some FSI problems.
- In the Settings window for the Two-Phase Flow, Level Set and Two-Phase Flow, Phase Field multiphysics coupling features, previously inaccessible expressions for the surface tension coefficient are now available.
- When the Non-Newtonian Carreau model is selected to define the dynamic viscosity of the second fluid in the Two-Phase Flow, Level Set multiphysics coupling features, a previously missing variable for the Carreau model parameter has been added.
Heat Transfer Module
- A previously missing variable in the Line Heat Source subfeature under the Thin Rod node has been added. Models with such Line Heat Source subfeatures can now be solved without errors.
- An unknown variable issue in the Pressure Work subfeature has been corrected. The problem occurred when this subfeature was used from a Fluid node.
- The definition of gamma, the ratio of specific heats, in the phase transition zone has been corrected to account for the changes of heat capacity and density in each phase.
LiveLink for MATLAB
- A problem has been fixed that would cause the wrapper function mphglobal to return the complex conjugate of the resulting complex numbers.
Particle Tracing Module
- It is now possible to have multiple Nuclear Stopping subfeatures with the same Screening function.
- Handling of dielectrophoretic, magnetophoretic, and acoustophoretic forces is improved when a Frequency Domain study step is selected under "Values of variables not solved for" in the "Values of Dependent Variables" section of the Time Dependent study step settings.
- An error that would occur when a Particle or Ray data set preceded the Solution data set in the Model Builder has now been fixed.
- The handling of non-SI geometry units for the Release from Point feature has been improved.
Ray Optics Module
- Handling has been improved when using the Illuminated Surface feature in combination with a moving mesh.
- There is now more robust handling of boundary conditions on a moving mesh.
- An error has been fixed that would occur when using "Specular reflection" as the "Otherwise" wall condition for the Wall feature.
- Stability has improved for ray release features when the "Allow propagation outside selected domains" check box is cleared.
- Reference edges for optical devices like the Linear Polarizer can now be selected even if they are surrounded by the exterior void domain outside the geometry.
- An error has been fixed that occurred when a Particle or Ray data set preceded the Solution data set in the Model Builder.
- Ray tracing in unmeshed domains for models with imported meshes is now supported.
Structural Mechanics Module
- Values changed from default for the domain thickness were not accounted for when calculating the effect of pore pressure in the External Stress feature in 2D models. This is now fixed and the results are now independent of the thickness for 2D plane stress models, as expected.
- It is now possible to use a Fixed Constraint node in the Truss interface when a Truss interface and a Solid Mechanics interface are used in the same component.
- For the Beam interface in 2D, the Prescribed Velocity and Prescribed Acceleration features no longer incorrectly use twice the value entered by the user.
- The Viscoelasticity subfeature configured to use the Kelvin-Voigt model now works properly when the parent material feature is a linear orthotropic or linear anisotropic material.
- This update contains a few stability improvements.


COMSOL provides simulation software for product design and research to technical enterprises, research labs, and universities through 18 offices and a distributor network throughout the world. Its flagship product, COMSOL Multiphysics, is a software environment for modeling and simulating any physics-based system. A particular strength is its ability to account for coupled or multiphysics phenomena. Add-on products expand the simulation platform for electrical, mechanical, fluid flow, and chemical applications. Interfacing tools enable the integration of COMSOL Multiphysics simulation with all major technical computing and CAD tools on the CAE market.

Product: COMSOL Multiphysics
Version: 5.2a Update3 Build 262
Supported Architectures: 64bit
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: HERE
Size: 3.8 Gb







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