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Search In To Inner Universe (2016)

Search In To Inner Universe (2016)
Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Search In To Inner Universe
Label: Discovalley Records
Style: Dark Progressive
Date: 13 March, 2016
Quality: 320 kbps / 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
Tracks: 10
Total Time: 01:20:16 min
Size: 186 mb


01. Weirdos - I Like Digital 07:24
02. Noein - Somewhere between a mollusc and a moving mass of seaweed 07:10
03. Looney - East 08:58
04. Atomental - Tri Angels 07:55
05. Spore & Leso - Seymour 12:09
06. Archeos - Forest Fractal 07:40
07. Ritual - Mental 07:47
08. Spagettibrain - Blue and White 06:38
09. Paul Karma - Sad Drunk Mad Punk 07:35
10. Daash, Stranger and Mind Oscillation - The Giant Slayer 06:53

There is general consensus among physicists that entire known universe originated in a single big bang that expelled a universee of debris which coalesced to form the stars,planets,and other celestial bodies. Thus, there is facile acceptrance of the thought of an entire universe forming from a single natural force of inorganic engineering. However, the propsition that our bodies and that other complex creatures, just on this planet, could form by the tiny accreative force of elemental sentient genetic agregates, microbes, and cells operating within their own limits is likely to be viewed with skepticism by some. This is all the more surprising since those faculties are directly observable and measurable,Physicists discuss parallel universes. They support that view with only theoretical and mathematicl models. Despite the inability to directly observe or experiment to bolster these ideas, they are richly debated. What has eluded our thinking is that parallel universe of an entirely different sort are available to our investigation, observable by us and quantifiable, but obscured from our view by our natural sense of self.This entire parallel universe of life within ourselves, unconsiously,absolutely a part of us. We cannot exist without it and it cannot exist ,in exactly its preferred state, without us. That inner universe is entirely accessible to our intellect and can be explored.


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Search In To Inner Universe
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