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SureThing Disk Labeler Deluxe Gold 6.2.138

SureThing Disk Labeler Deluxe Gold 6.2.138

SureThing Disk Labeler - это профессиональная программа, позволяющая создавать высококачественные обложки для записанных CD или DVD дисков. При сравнении этой программы с похожими продуктами, разница видится просто огромной. Это все равно что, например, сравнивать Photoshop и Paint. Да, Disk Labeler - это практически профессиональная среда для разработки и вывода на печать, наклеек и обложек CD/DVD дисков! В программе имеется множество встроенных шаблонов и материалов оформления.

Основные возможности:
• Быстрота и лёгкость в создании этикеток
• Встроенная поддержка для всех ведущих брендов CD/DVD этикеток и большинство других
• Возможность работы с лотками принтеров, поддерживающих печать на дисках
• Поддержка всех дискв LightScribe
• Шаблоны для jewel case и DVD кейсов и буклетов
• Работа с дисками различных форм и размеров
• Динамичная регулировка ценрального отверстия диска
• Легко создаваемые шаблоны этикеток
• Лёгкое создание собственных этикеток припомощи импорта плейлистов из iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player и других проигрывателей
• Создание и координирование нескольких типов этикеток в одном файле дизайна
• Получение информации о песне, исполнителе и альбоме нажатием одной кнопки
• Автоматическая вставка имени файла, даты и размеров с дисков данных
• Сканирование фотографий и оригинального изображения диска непосредственно в конструкторе дизайна этикеток
• Тысячи профессионально разработанных шаблонов и фонов
• Альфа-смешивание текста, изображений и фотографий
• Большое количество фоновых рисунков и рисунков изображений
• Создание теней, эффектов 3D текста, циркулярного текста и более
• Удаление эффекта красных глаз, регулирование резкости и цвета

More Features:
• The Number 1 Solution for CD/DVD Labels, Covers, and Case Inserts
• Create & Manage Playlists
• Circular Text is a Snap!
• 3-D Text Effects
• Free Designer Fonts
• Alpha-blend Text & Images
• Photo Collage CD Covers
• Photo Touchup & Editing
• Import or scan your own images
• Supports a variety of CD/DVD Printers
• World Class LightScribe Support

Label All Your CDs!
When it comes to CD and DVD labeling, the world turns to SureThing. Disc Labeler makes it fun to design your cd covers, disc labels, and case inserts, all from within its easy to use and powerful label design software for Windows. Whether youa?™re just getting started or a design professional, youa?™ve come to the right place to begin creating beautiful CD/DVD labels and case inserts for all your disc projects.

Quality SuperVibrant Matte and Photo Glossy CD Labels
Make your discs stand out from the crowd by using the best CD/DVD labels and case inserts on the planet. We use a special coating designed specifically for inkjet printers to provide the most vibrant, photo-quality matte labels possible. And when youa?™re ready to really impress, choose our Photo Glossy labels. Either way, your projects will never look better!

Dress to Impress!
Beautiful CD label and cover designs are at your fingertips! Easily coordinate your label and case insert designs, all within a single project. Create your own designs or let our SmartDesigns jump start your project. You can even select one of our professionally designed templates to find the right fit for your project. No matter how you slice it, impressive results are on the way!

Use Any Brand of Disc Labels
With most CD labelers, you are forced to use their exclusive brand of labels. Not with SureThing Deluxe! We have over 80 different cd label templates alone, including all the most popular brands. With our Template Creator, you can design your own. Of course, once you try SureThing SuperVibrant Labels, youa?™ll never want to change.

Direct-to-Disc Printing
Many inkjet printers support printing directly to CDs and DVDs. SureThing provides state-of-the-art support for direct-to-disc printing. Never fiddle with complicated driver settings again, let SureThing do the heavy lifting for you. Then, sit back and enjoy consistent full color discs with silk screen like quality.

World Class LightScribe Support
SureThing Disc Labeler was the first certified LightScribe disc labeler, and continues to be the leader in providing the most extensive LightScribe support available. True WYSIWYG support for colored LightScribe discs lets you see your designs on screen the same way they will look when printed. Our background print manager frees you to do other things while LightScribe burns your designs.

Thousands of Images
SureThing Disc Labeler Deluxe provides you with access to up to thousands of background and clipart images to give your designs the distinctive look perfect for your project. Or drop in your own photos and logos to create even more personalized designs. Coupled with our new turbo-charged graphics engine, working with images has never been easier.

Target Printing
More than just design software, successful label printing means hitting the label directly on target every time. SureThing has the experience, expertise and technology to ensure the most accurate label printing possible. SureThinga?™s precision is unmatched in the industry.

System Requirements
* Windows 10/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP x86/64
* 1GB of memory, 2GB recommended for Windows 7, 8 or Vista
* 200MB of Available disk space
* 800x600 monitor resolution, 1024x768 recommended
* Windows compatible laser or inkjet printer
* Note: These are minimum requirements, more is always better!

What's new in version 6.0:
- Easier to Use Than Ever - With more power at your fingertips!
- SureThing Navigator - Control Central for Disc Labeler Projects
- Meet Design Cloud - New design choices from the cloud to your projects!
- Turbo-Charged Graphics - Built for the new generation of digital photos
- SVG Means a Perfect Fit - The open standard for vector graphics
- Hot New Graphics - Over 1,000 new scalable images for your designs
- True Drop Shadows - Add depth and richness to your text
- Connecting the Dots...SureThing Connect - The desktop gets smarter!

Install Notes:
1. Disconnect your internet conenction and add the following lines to your hosts file: surething.com www.surething.com
Very Important!
It's also very recommended to use a firewall to block the app.
If you go online reg file will be blacklisted! Cleaning all leftovers will be required! So, please keep that in mind.
2. Install Deluxe installer, then apply update according to your language.
3. Merge the included reg file to register. Again, if you're connected to the internet it will be blacklisted and a clean install will be mandatory!

Год выхода: 2016
Платформа: Windows 10/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Язык интерфейса: English, Spanish, French, German
Таблетка: fix DOA
Размер: 544 MB

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SureThing Disk Labeler Deluxe Gold 62138
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