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AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate 10.5.02

AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate 10.1.01

AquaSoft SlideShow -программа для создания слайд шоу. Оживите Ваши фотографии и видео! Сделайте захватывающие мультимедийные шоу для DVD, YouTube, iPods и др. Комбинируйте фотографии, видео и музыку, используя огромную палитру специальных эффектов и мощные инструменты, такие как мульти-трековую тайм-линию, раскадровку и макеты дизайна для создания потрясающей анимации с движением, масштабированием, чтобы получить впечатляющие результаты.

Синхронизируйте фотографии с музыкой или запишите ваши собственные комментарии. Добавите анимацию текста и видео-переходы… И фотографии, видео и музыка расскажут свою историю.
Высококачественный WMV вывод в соответствии с HD-DVD стандартом, более чем 100 текстовых эффектов с поддержкой Unicode для экзотичных языков и шрифтов. Доска истории и временная панель предоставляют вам возможность структуризации ваших шоу. SlideShow-Master создает слайд шоу из наборов тем в три щелчка. Программа автоматизированной обработки изображений AquaSoft Barbecue также включена в комплект. Поддержка многоядерных процессоров позволяет Вам еще быстрее создавать Ваши слайд шоу. Там где другие программы отказываются работать, SlideShow только начинает наращивать обороты и данная программа очень проста в использовании.

Основные возможности:
• Создавайте свои собственные фильмы кадр за кадром.
• Запись образов.
• Добавляйте изображения и видео клипы в слайд-шоу.
• Использование изображений без изменения.
• Использование аппаратного ускорения.
• Возможность создания широкоэкранных (16:9) слайд шоу.
• Запишите историю и расскажите её с помощью изображений.
• Вставка неограниченного количества видео и картинок.
• Добавление эффектов с помощью перетаскивания.

Create Slide shows for DVD and PC! Just add your photos and videos and you are done. Are you? Use powerful tools like multi-track timeline, storyboard and layout designer to create stunning animations with movement paths, zooms, ken burns effects and camera pans. let's meet on zhmak.info Synchronize your photos with music or record your own speech. Add texts, choose transitions and text animations. Structure your slide show with chapters so even long slide shows can be handled with ease. Have fun!
Software Highlights:
• Intuitive to learn—start working on your presentations right away!
• Compliant with many types of media—use images, videos, text, and music, or any combination of the four
• Ample special effects— transitions, movements, fades, and more are only a few clicks away
• Versatile—use one of the many wizards to quickly create a presentation
Tell your story: with AquaSoft SlideShow 10 the possibilities are unlimited for creating imposing slideshows! You can choose from thousands of effects, animations, and transitions to give your photos, videos, and texts a personalized touch. With the use of ultra sharp 4K-UHD export – you will experience the unique capabilities of our slideshow maker in creating your own stunning shows.
Bring everything together Combine photos, videos and music
- Videos, photos, or music - with SlideShow 10 you can import your media files in all common formats without quality loss.
- Add your files with the integrated file browser, drag & drop, or import them from your camera, computer, or even Powerpoint.

Your style, your show Create your own individual slideshow
Want to share memories with friends and family? To make professional presentations and highlight your points with creative visual effects? Whether personal or professional – with our numerous effects and individual templates you'll be able to create stunning shows from your photos and videos.

Export to everywhere With the best quality possible
- Choose from over 20 popular export options – DVD, Blu-ray disc, 4K-Ultra-HD video - everything is possible!
- Not sure what is the right export option for your needs? Our export wizard will help you find the perfect format.

Customizable templates for all occasions
Create true masterpieces with our slideshow maker using smart templates with stylish animations and effects. Smart templates adapt to your photos/videos and links them with beautiful transitions, camera pans, and other effects. No matter the occasion - with just a few clicks you will create sensational slideshows.

The right transition for each photo - even in 3D!
Choose from an enormous variety of fade-ins and fade-outs to transition from one photo to the next. With 62 different transitions, there is something for everyone. As all transitions are customizeable beyond just duration, the result is nearly unlimited variations.

Lively slideshows with camera pans and zooms
Get things into motion! Use the zoom to highlight the important details of your photos or the camera pan to show beautiful landscapes and panoramas. Combine both zoom and pan with the Ken Burns effect and your photos will come to life on your screen.

Precisely timed animations in multiple tracks
Easily organize your show using SlideShow 9's Timeline. Position each element so that it starts and ends at exactly the right moment. Create an unlimited number of tracks for images, texts, videos, and music combining as many elements simultaneously as you want. There are no limitations when creating complex and professional looking shows.

Show your travel routes
Going on vacation and want to share your travel route via animation? With the integrated map wizard and live preview of SlideShow 9 you can select the right map and precisely pinpoint your route with creative symbols like tire tracks, foot steps, or any other of more than 30 route types. What vehicle would you like to display? A car, plane, bike - over a 100 should cover you. And if not, you can also use your own image for the ultimate in personalization. Making your travel route just as original and unique as the memories that you collected on your journey.

Live effects for photos and videos
Create dazzling animations using AquaSoft SlideShow 9's live effects - animated masks, color and layer, pixelation, blurs, displacement mapping, or movement and transparency effects. There are 25 live effects to choose from - and each one can be easily configured to match your needs.

Dynamic text and animations
Choose from 120 different text animations - or create your own. Define color, size, position, and more. Show one text or multiple texts at once - each with its own animation. Automatically include texts from data which are already stored in your photos such as descriptions or the date the pictures were taken. Regardless of whether you're a beginner or advanced user - there are no limitations to expressing your words.

Ultrasharp live output and video export in 4K-UHD resolution
Experience your slideshow presentations in extraordinary brilliance with the new 4K-UHD export. Creating videos that are 4 times the resolution of Full-HD is just a few clicks away with SlideShow 9's easy to use video wizard. Or you can play your show directly from the software - oh yes, SlideShow 9 is capable of realtime-playback in 4K-UHD with up to 60 frames per second.

Share everywhere
No matter where, how or with whom you want to share your slideshow: AquaSoft SlideShow 9 is the right choice. Burn your shows to Blu-ray discs or DVDs, create HD videos in all common formats - you can even create a video with 4K-UHD resolution. Do you like to share your videos online? No problem! AquaSoft SlideShow 9 can upload your videos to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

• Create your own movies from still shots
• Burning images
• Present images and video clips in a slide show
• Utilize images without altering them in any way:
• AquaSoft SlideShow hits the throttle—hardware acceleration
• Widescreen option (16:9) available
• Record history and tell stories with images
• Insert an unlimited number of videos and pictures
• Characters with, ah, character!
• Bitmap effects using Drag and Drop

System requirements of AquaSoft SlideShow 10:
- CPU - 2 GHz, (multi-core CPUs recommended)
- Graphics card - DirectX 9.0c, at least 256MB memory
- System memory (RAM) - 2 GB
- CD/DVD/BD-Writer - (optional)
- Supported operating system - Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 - 32bit and 64bit systems are supported

Windows XP, Windows Vista™, Windows 7/8/10 x86/64
Интерфейс: Ml/English / Germany/ RUS
AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate 10.5.02 X64 249MB

AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Ultimate 10.5.02 X86 229

Скачать бесплатно AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate 10.5.02 на высокой скорости и по прямой ссылке !







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