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Infognition Video Enhancer

Infognition Video Enhancer

Infognition Video Enhancer это приложение для повышения разрешающей способности видео: с SD до HD, с HD до 4K и другие форматы. Это возможно благодаря технологии Super Resolution, которая использует поиск движения и интеллектуальное слияние кадров, чтобы объединить информацию из нескольких соседних исходных кадров в каждый итоговый кадр. Благодаря использованию нескольких кадров, можно сохранить больше деталей, чем при использовании любых других алгоритмов изменения размеров видео.

Кроме того, Video Enhancer поддерживает более 200 плагинов для всех видов обработки видео:
коррекция яркости и контрастности, цветокоррекция, шумоподавление, деинтерлейсинг,
повышение четкости, наложение и удаление субтитров, а также разнообразные видеоэффекты,
как например превращение видео в мультфильм или его "состаривание". Несколько самых популярных плагинов включены по умолчанию, другие могут быть автоматически загружены и установлены из списка внутри Video Enhancer.
Video Enhancer поддерживает большинство видео форматов и может использовать любые кодеки из DirectShow и Video-for-Windows, присутствующие в вашей системе. Файлы выводятся в форматах AVI и MP4. Также присутствует пакетный режим для обработки нескольких файлов подряд и интерфейс командной строки для внешней автоматизации.

Video Enhancer от Infognition позволяет:
Увеличить разрешение вашего видео с помощью техники Video Super Resolution, в которой каждый кадр увеличивается, используя информацию из соседних кадров для извлечения деталей. Все остальные методы ресайза используют только информацию из текущего кадра. Теперь Вы можете превратить видео обычного разрешения (SD) в видео высокого разрешения (HD).
Использовать более 220 фильтров VirtualDub для редактирования видео: провести деинтерлейсинг, убрать шум, сделать деблокинг (убрать "квадраты" - артефакты сжатия), цветокоррекцию, стабилизацию, увеличить резкость и яркость, добавить визуальных эффектов и т.д. На многопроцессорных и многоядерных машинах Video Enhancer работает значительно быстрее, чем VirtualDub, потому что все фильтры, декодеры и кодеки работают в разных потоках одновременно.
Открыть любое видео, которое проигрывается системным плеером, и пережать его любым кодеком (DirectShow, DMO и Video for Windows), установленным в системе.

Infognition Video Enhancer is the best quality tool for converting SD videos to HD or HD to 4K using motion-based Super Resolution technique and supporting 200+ video processing filters.
Infognition Video Enhancer is a video processing application with built-in Super Resolution video resizing engine that uses motion tracking to combine information from neighbor frames into each output frame when resizing to higher resolutions. This allows converting SD videos to HD or HD to 4K with higher quality, more details and sharpness than any single-image upscaling methods that are usually employed by other converters or players. It also supports 200+ third-party video processing filters from VirtualDub: brightness and contrast control, color correction, deinterlacing, denoising, sharpening, subtitle/logo processing and different video effects. The plugins are installed on-demand in one click, from a window with categorized database of filters and convenient search function.

Two modes of interface are offered: simple for just resizing, and advanced for building a sequence of filters to be applied to the video. Also, a wizard mode is present to guide the user through most basic video processing tasks. All filters work in separate threads and are connected into a pipeline, utilizing multiple cores and multiple CPUs where available.

Video Enhancer can open most popular video formats and also use any 32-bit codecs and splitters installed in your system. It includes AVI and MP4 muxers to output videos in these formats, however it does not include video & audio compressors, so you need some 32-bit codecs (like x264vfw or DivX) to be installed beforehand.

Judging by source video parameters and available codecs Video Enhancer advises which codecs are preferred and what bitrate shall be used to encode the result with proper visual quality.

Video Enhancer allows saving projects (sequences of selected filters and their settings) for later reuse. It has batch mode (processing multiple files in a row) and command line interface, and with additional free tool “autovideoenhance” (available from VE web page) they can watch some directories on your hard drive and process newly added files automatically.

Category / фильтры
Brightness control - Change brightness of video, apply auto-levels or remove flickering. /14
Denoising -Remove different kinds of noise from your video. Dust, scratches, blocking, VHS artifacts, etc. /51
Color correction - Change color balance of your video, apply color effects and transformations, convert colorspaces, perform histogram equalization, gamma correction etc. /51
Deinterlacing and fields manipulations - Convert interlaced video to progressive or manipulate fields. /30
Sharpening - Sharpen your video, make it less blurry. /6
Subtitles and logo control - Add or remove subtitles and logos. /8
Video effects - Apply different visual effects like turning movie into a cartoon or into an old film, pixellate, cycle hue, add noise etc. /34
Overlay - Overlay images, data or other content over your video. /8
Video processing - Filters for complex processing like stabilization, mosaic, blur, face pixellation, color channel manipulations etc. /19
Analysis - Analyze motion, noise and other features of your video /5

Version 2 is very different from versions 1.x in its user interface and overall workflow. In versions 1.x you could build a chain of filters but each filter had to be configured almost blindly, usual Preview function from filter's settings dialog did not work, you had to save filter settings, then run general Preview in main Video Enhancer window that launched the processing of whole video with all the filters applied, just without saving the result. In version 2 this is no longer the case, now all changes in filters are immediately visible, and if you press Preview in a filter's dialog you can immediately see it applied in the main video window. You can also change order of filters and turn them off and on, just like one would do with layers in Photoshop or similar image editors. Everything became very interactive, all changes immediately visible. You can use timeline in the bottom to jump to different parts of your video and see them processed. You can compare original and processed video by switching the view with corresponding buttons on the top. After you're done building the filters chain, you just press "Save video" and there you can select how to name the new file, select its format (AVI / MP4) and choose codecs for video and audio.
Another major change in version 2 is internal, how it works. Now all actual work with video files, with codecs and filters, is moved to a separate process while the user interface works in its own process. Which means if some codec or filter crashes, it does not crash Video Enhancer itself, it will silently relaunch the worker process without losing any important information.
Version 2.1.2.
Improved support for filters like "frame merger", fixed issue with sometimes incoherent updates of picture in preview or when enabling/disabling filters.
Make VirtualDub plugin support great again. Fixed problems related to plugin's settings saving and loading. They manifested with "Gradation Curves" filter but could arise with some others too.
added batch processing, more bugfixes and improvements. Now you can select many input files, make a list of them, and after you create a chain of filters for processing them, press "Save video" and all the input files will be processed one after another with the same settings and filters. You can control where to place the new files and how to name them.

Язык:English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Greek, Chinese, Thai, Turkish and some other languages.
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Активация:KEY / RegFile

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