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ActivePresenter 5.0.0 Professional Edition

ActivePresenter 5.0.0 Professional Edition

ActivePresenter Professional Edition — программа для создания презентаций и интерактивных обучающих видеоуроков. C помощью ActivePresenter вы сможете осуществлять захват изображения с экрана и сохранять эту информацию в различные форматы файлов. Весь процесс записи происходит в режиме реального времени. Для максимального удобства в программе есть возможность создания интерактивного оглавления. С помощью программы можно создавать интерактивные файлы справки, проводить демонстрацию новых возможностей программ, записывать демонстрационные ролики приложений, компьютерных игр и т.д. ActivePresenter может экспортировать презентации в видео форматы (AVI, WMV, MPEG4), Flash видео (FLV), Microsoft Word (MS Word 2000 или выше), Microsoft PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint 2000 или выше), Adobe PDF, HTML слайд-шоу или AJAX основе интерактивной презентации.

Одна из самых сильных сторон пакета ActivePresenter — это разнообразные обработки записи с экрана (кадрирование, нарезка, склейка и рисование, создание подписей). В этом пакете можно создать полноценный видеоролик для учебного курса или демонстрации, не притрагиваясь к сторонним системам видеомонтажа. Можно наглядно показать щелчки мыши, положение и движение курсора, нажатия клавиш, операции перетаскивания элементов и многое другое. Мощная библиотека монтажных инструментов помогает добавлять текст, графику, готовые фигуры (стрелки, круги и т. д.), высвечивание элементов, врезки увеличенного или уменьшенного масштаба, переходы между слайдами и т.д. Скачать программу можно по прямой ссылке (с облака) внизу страницы.

Основные возможности программы ActivePresenter:
• Быстрое создания демонстрационных видео-роликов (AVI, WMV, MP4, WebM).
• Встроенные инструкции по эксплуатации программного обеспечения (Adobe PDF, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX).
• Создание красивых и интерактивных видео-роликов (AJAX, Flash SWF).
• Создание eTraining/eLearning SCROM-совместимых курсов с различными сценариями, моделированием и интерактивностью.

Advanced screencasting and rapid elearning authoring software
• Create high quality content in HTML5 or Flash formats
• Make your screencasts interactive by adding interactions, branching scenarios, and quizzes
• Same content can run on various devices and platforms
• Create SCORM-compliant content and publish to leading SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems using either SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 standard
• Track and report key metrics to evaluate learner performance

Various output formats for various platforms and different audiences
• Video demonstration: AVI, WMV, MP4, WebM, MKV
• Flash Video (FLV)
• Microsoft Word Documents: DOC/DOCX
• Microsoft PowerPoint Documents: PPT/PPTX
• Microsoft Excel Sheets: XLS/XLSX
• Adobe PDF Documents
• HTML SlideShow
• HTML5 Interactive Simulations with Quiz and Survey questions
• Flash (SWF) Interactive Simulations with Quiz and Survey questions
• Create SCORM compliant packages and import to your LMS

What's New in Version 5.0:
Introducing ActivePresenter 5: New Intuitive User Interface!
• The user interface in ActivePresenter 5 is completely redesigned that makes authoring simple and efficient. It is not only easy for experienced users but also for new users because the logic is clean and familiar. Let’s explore the important points in ActivePresenter 5. When ActivePresenter 5 starts up, an eye-catching window appears. At the first glance, you may be amazed that the menus and classic toolbars no longer exist and the caption bar is minimalist. You can open a project to have an overall look of new user interface.
Tabbed Toolbar
• In ActivePresenter 5, tools which have related functions are organized in tabs and groups and placed at the top of application window. That is called the Tabbed Toolbar. The Tabbed Toolbar is designed to optimize the space for editing but still ensures the simplicity and clarity so you can easily find your tools for specified tasks. Let’s take a closer look at each components of Tabbed Toolbar.
The ActivePresenter button
• At the top-left of Tabbed Toolbar is the ActivePresenter button. From this button, you can access all file functions such as creating new projects, opening, saving, and closing projects. You can also access the program’s Preferences from this button.
Inside The Tabs
• The first tab in Tabbed Toolbar is the HOME tab which contains the most common used tools. The first tool group is Clipboard, the next is Slides, Character Formatting, Paragraph Formatting… The tools can automatically adjust its appearance to fit the available size. For normal screen size, tools are shown with icon and text so you can quickly find the required one. Some very common text formatting tools are shown with icon only. Some tools which have further options are shown with drop-down arrows.
• The remaining tabs (SLIDE, ANNOTATION, INTERACTION, EXPORT, LOCALIZE, VIEW, HELP) contain the tools which are almost similar to corresponding menus in previous versions but of course with a completely new and nicer appearance.
Powerful Menus
• In ActivePresenter 5, the menu options are displayed groups to reduce the number of interactions to complete a task. The options in menu are also arranged in more intuitive way, either with icon or text or both of them. You can quickly change a shape, select a new style for object…
More Space for Editing
• You can even have more editing space by hiding the Tabbed Toolbar with the Hide/Show Toolbar button at the top-left corner. It is useful especially in case of editing a project which has large dimension.
Project Windows in Tabs
• Opening projects are displayed in tabs so you can easily switch between them to copy, paste… You can quickly close the current document by clicking the X button on the document tab
Slides Pane
• The Slides pane is fixed in the left of document window, you can select to hide or show it from the VIEW tab. There is no longer the separated Thumbnails and Titles tabs, but instead you can select one of three view modes: Slides In Column, Slides In Grid, and Slides In Titles.
Powerful Properties Pane
• The Properties pane has a new cleaner look. It is a complete replacement for object’s Properties dialog. You can change all properties of objects in this pane and see the instance update in the Canvas. The properties are arranged in frequency of usage to maximize the authoring efficiency. Each property group can be expanded or collapsed by clicking its title.
Quick Access Toolbar
• The Quick Access Toolbar is placed on the most left of document tabs. It contains the most common tools such as creating a new project, opening and saving a project, and undo/redo the actions. The most interesting point here is you can undo or redo to any points with just one action by selecting the corresponding item in undo stack menu.
Editing Closed Captions in a smarter way!
• Inserting a new caption now is a simple matter. You just need to place the Playhead at desired position in Timeline and then click the Insert Caption tool. You can also select separated captions for deleting or changing their start-times and durations. The best part is you can click the caption in the Canvas to edit it in place so it reduces your effort dramatically comparing to using the Closed Caption Editor in previous version.
New UI Language – French
• Since the huge number of requests for a French version of ActivePresenter. French is now officially supported in ActivePresenter 5. As the fast growing of user community, we hope that more languages will be added in future versions. ActivePresenter, the great screen casting and e-learning authoring tool now with a new intuitive user interface that boots your authoring efficiency, creating demonstration videos and interactive training contents for mobile devices & desktops is easier than ever!

ActivePresenter 5.0.0 Professional Edition ActivePresenter 5.0.0 Professional Edition ActivePresenter 5.0.0 Professional Edition

Год выпуска : 2014
Лекарство : в комплекте (patch-MPT)
Операционная система : Windows® XP|Vista|7|8 & 8.1
Страница программы : atomisystems.com
Язык интерфейса : МL|Русский
Размер : 39.9 Mb

Скачать бесплатно ActivePresenter 5.0.0 Professional Edition на высокой скорости и по прямой ссылке !







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