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abylon BASIC 14.3

abylon BASIC 14.3

abylon BASIC Программа для шифрования, архивирования, сжатия и копирования документов! abylon BASIC это коллекция для шифрования, подписи, сжатия, копирования файлов и папок.
Все модули программы полностью интегрируются в контекстное меню Проводника. С технологией шифрования (EEnTe) , всего несколько шагов понадобится, чтобы зашифровать файл. Кроме того, поддерживаются система SYMM-System и HYBRID-система, основанная на сертификате X.509.

abylon BASIC это коллекция для шифрования, подписи, сжатия, поиск, копировать или перемещать файлы и папки. Все модули интегрируется полностью в контекстном меню File Explorer. С Easy технологии шифрования (EEnTe) всего в нескольких шагах необходимы для защиты ваших файлов. Таким образом секрет основе SYMM-система и X.509-на основе сертификатов HYBRID-System поддерживаются. Как тайне можно ввести пароль на клавиатуре или использовать съемный носитель (например, карты памяти Memory Stick), смарт-карты или CD.

abylon CRYPTZIP является поверхностью для создания и редактирования сжатые архивы ZIP, при этом шифрование и подписание также поддерживаются. Функциональность abylon PASTE оптимизировать копирование и перемещение процедуру файлов. Например неизмененные файлы не копируются, от измененных файлов сделать резервную копию и после переезда исходные файлы к цели, исходные файлы стереть автоматически! Модуль abylon НАХОДКА также можете найти свои скрытые файлы и папки на жестком диске.

The security of sensitive data is often neglected. Only an encryption provide a full protection of the files on your computer or sending by email.abylon BASIC is a collection to encrypt, sign, compress, search, copy or move your files and folders. All modules integrates itself completely into the context menu of the File Explorer. With the Easy Encryption technology (EEnTe) only a few steps are necessary to protect your files. Thereby the secret based SYMM-System and the X.509-certificate-based HYBRID-System are supported. As secret it is possible to enter a password over the keyboard or to use a removable media (e. g. memory stick), a smart card or CD. abylon CRYPTZIP is a surface for creating and editing compressed ZIP archives, whereby the encryption and signing also supported. Functionality abylon PASTE optimise the copying and moving procedure of files. For example unchanged files are not copied, from changed files make a backup and after moving the source files to the target, the source files are wipe automatically! The module abylon FIND can find also your hidden files and folders on your hard disk.

Full integration in MS File Explorer (Context menu)
Passwordscrambler and Image-Input: Anti-Keylogger function by chop up the password input and the use of image objects for cryptic password sequences
abylon PASTE: Optimize the copying and moving procedure of files
abylon FIND: Search functionality
abylon CRYPTZIP: Creating and editing compressed ZIP archives
abylon HYBRID CRYPT: Certificate based encryption and signature (incl. SME-Files for email sending)
abylon SYMM CRYPT: Password- and secret based encryption (e. g. chip card, USB Sticks or CDs)
Context-sensitive menu according to the options and selected files
abylon CRYPT-ASSISTENT: Step by step to a crypt-file
Menu points are deactivate in the settings
Supported PKCS#7 file extensions for encryption (CRP, P7M, TBE), signing (SGN, TBS, P7S) or encryption and singing in one step (SME, ASC, PK7, VSP7)
Administration and creation of X.509 test certificates
Provide an executable copy of the software on an external storage medium (e. g. USB stick)
Command line call

Supported standards:
CAPI (Microsoft Crypt API),
PKCS#7 (Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard)
PKCS#11 (Cryptographic Token Interface Standard)
PKCS#12 (Personal Information Exchange Syntax)
X.509 v3 Certificates
Blowfish and AES Algorithm
Microsoft certificate database
Compression in the ZIP-Format
# Wiping according to the DOD- or Peter Gutman method

New in Version 14
- Cross-program: All software products of abylonsoft have been adjusted for the new Microsoft operating system Windows 10 and extensively tested on our test systems.
- CRYPT in the BOX: The software abylon CRYPT in the BOX now offers the possibility to reseto faulty token or passwords.
- BACKUP-TUBE: Memory allocation problems of the service have been fixed.
- BACKUP-TUBE: A rarely occurring .NET GUI-problem (ResumeLayout) was compensated. This may cause GUI display minor flaws.
- APP-BLOCKER: In abylon APP-BLOCKER program a warning dialog will be displayed that changes can have a serious impact on the computer.
- SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: The reading of many files after selecting the right mouse button in the File Explorer has been significantly accelerated.
- SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: With about 100,000 files, the abylon SHREDDER has simply terminated before ending the task. Now the Erasers can also handle many more files.
- SHREDDER: In Shredder dialog a horizontal bar will be generally displayed on the status issue.
- SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: In File Explorer (context menu of the right mouse button) can a drive directly selected to start the drive cleanup or drive destruction directly.
- UAC-GRABBER: The icons in the main window will now display correctly.
- READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE, CRYPTMAIL, KEYSAFE: From the module abylon CRYPT ASSISTANT can be sent encrypted or signed files directly. If multiple files are selected, they must be combined with the Zip function to a file.
- CRYPT in the BOX: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, an encryption is not possible anymore. The decryption is still possible!
- BACKUP-TUBE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the service no longer starts automatically. Backup's are only possible manually. After opening and confirming the registration of the service is started manually and the program can continue to be used.
- UAC-GRABBER: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the UAC bypass is no longer possible.
- EXIF-CLEANER: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the cleanup functions are no longer available.
- SHAREDDRIVE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the new creation, change password and the encryption is no longer possible. Opening and decryption are still possible!
- CRYPTDRIVE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the encrypted Cryptdrives just can open in the read-only mode.
- BASIC, READER, ENTERPRISE, CRYPTMAIL, KEYSAFE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days can only be decrypted using the Crypt Wizard.
- KEYSAFE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the single sign-on functionality is deactivated and the Keysafe starts in read-only mode.
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days the automatic scan for Wi-Fi networks will be disabled.
- APP-BLOCKER: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, no app's can be locked.
- LOGON, LOGON SSO Home, LOGON SSO Pro: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, when you start (boot), Logout (logoff) or lock (Lock) will see the message that this function only after the registration is also possible. After reporting abylon LOGON is disabled.
- LOGON, LOGON SSO Home, LOGON SSO Pro: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the functionality of single sign-on is disabled.
- CRYPTMAIL: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days appears the registrations dialog when encrypting or signing! A decryption and verification is still possible.
- KEYSAFE, SHAREDDRIVE, CRYPTDRIVE, LOGON SSO Home, LOGON SSO Pro: The Restricting during the test phase has been optimized: After the 30 days trial period can more than 5 messages / files created now.
- CRYPTDRIVE: The Restricting during the test phase has been optimized: After the 30 days trial period also Cryptdrive's greater than 1000 MB can now be created.
- Cross-program: The partially multiple display of the registration dialog will be prevented.
- UAC-GRABBER, READER, ENTERPRISE: When starting the "Manager" without admin privileges, the program has been closed again directly. In addition, when starting the "Manager" with admin rights the autostart entries were rerun. Both problems have been fixed.
- Cross-program: Because of understanding problems we introduced the Icon "Run as Admin". For example, now in the setting-dialog in the left menu the point advanced view is displayed. Thus restart the settings dialog with admin rights and additional functions.
- Cross-program: If the Windows 7 basic design is set to classic (under "Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items"), then some switches of our software have been shown with blue text on a blue background. This has now been changed so that the text is now perfectly legible.
- CRYPTMAIL, ENTERPRISE: During the encryption in the Outlook main window appears the Credential Provider now. With this the encryption with smart card or USB flash drive is now possible.
- LOGON, LOGON SSO Home, LOGON SSO Pro, ENTERPRISE: During locking under Windows 8 and Windows 10 show the error "parameter is incorrect". Contrary to the Microsoft requirements this was caused by the encryption of the credential. This problem is solved now.
- BACKUP-TUBE: When you click on the desktop icon now opens the program window, even if the tray runs.
- UAC-GRABBER, READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE: Changes in the Windows start menu are also displayed in the manager.
- UAC-GRABBER, READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE: When you click the Update icon the Manager dialog will no longer be minimized.
- UAC-GRABBER, READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE: If a directory is selected, the point Shortcut remove is disabled. TThis prevents the possibility to erase the entire Start menu.
- UAC-GRABBER, READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE: The error message when you remove Start menu and Autostart entries has been fixed.
- SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: (In the abylon Duplicate Finder all duplicates can be marked with one click now. For this purpose, the checkmark icon "Mark duplicate files" available. With the first click all duplicate files will be highlighted. With the 2nd click any duplicate files are deselected again. If in the list a file is selected, then the duplicate files are preferably labeled in this directory.

Год выпуска : 2015
Операционная система : Windows® XP|Vista|7|8 & 8.1/10
Язык интерфейса : German|English
Лекарство : serial
Размер : 27 Mb

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